12 Houses?

Karl Rove makes the point that I’ve been making previously, namely that it’s genuinely hard to tell how many houses John McCain has:

Remember, the question from Mike Allen of Politico was how many houses do you and your wife own? Mrs. McCain is a wealthy woman. She owns a number of not only homes, some of which, for example, her elderly aunt lives in, but investment properties. And so Senator McCain has filled out forms on which that information is. But he can’t recall how many are considered houses, how many are considered investment properties. He’s filled out a form in the past.

For example, while most observers have said that McCain owns seven or eight houses, USA Today comes up with a count of twelve based on the idea that in addition to the structure the McCains sleep in while at their vacation compound there are “four other houses at the 15-acre Sedona spread.” Joe Romm at Climate Progress is putting some policy teeth on this by observing that the carbon footprint of maintaining all these homes is likely enormous, he estimates “that McCain has 10 times the carbon footprint of the average American home.” I think that may be an overestimate, though, since many of McCains homes are in the southwest where you tend to see below-average carbon footprints since you don’t need to heat in the winter.

UPDATE: Here’s a map of per capita carbon footprints by state.