20 Years Ago

Neil Sinhababu on Hank Paulson:

During the 2008 portion of the financial crisis, I really came to appreciate the Hank Paulson story. He’s an old-fashioned captain of industry who would’ve fit perfectly in the Republican elite before they went Fox News crazy. I wouldn’t want him writing labor law or setting capital gains taxes, but he accepts that humans are causing global warming and has donated over $100 million to the Nature Conservancy.

I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a huge Paulson fan, but it is worth keeping this sort of thing in mind when you marvel at the ability of Fox News Conservatism to do things like take Van Jones’ scalp. Check out the electoral coalition the right was able to put together in 1988, before the dawn of the Fox News Era:

Vermont. Connecticut. New Jersey. California. I can’t describe conservative messaging circa 1988 in great detail, but whatever it was it was much more effective than what they have today. And they didn’t even have raw material like “black guy with a Muslim name” to work with.