2007 deadliest year ever for news media.

With “at least 171 journalists and other news media staff” killed “as a result of their work around the world so far this year,” 2007 has become “the bloodiest year on record for the industry.” “The all-time high of 168 deaths” in 2006 was eclipsed on Tuesday “when at least three editorial staff were killed in Sri Lanka.” With 64 deaths this year, Iraq is by far “the most murderous country” in the world for news media.

(HT: Greenslade)

UPDATE: The United States, Britain, and France today publicly pledged to “take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of journalists in war zones.” AP reports:

The three countries became the first signatories of the Geneva Conventions to accept a new nonbinding accord on protecting correspondents in conflict, said the International Committee of the Red Cross, which oversees compliance with the 1949 treaty on the rules of war. […]

Media rights campaigners cautiously welcomed the pledge, but said its effectiveness would be measured by what the countries did in practice.