2009–2010 NBA Predictions Thread

Tonight is the first night of thrilling professional basketball action; a welcome pick me up for put-upon Redskins fans eager to embrace the warm mediocrity the Wizards are likely to deliver. Time for some regular season predictions!

In the West, I think the Lakers will have the best record followed by (in order) Portland, San Antonio, Dallas, Denver, Utah, and Houston as the remaining playoff teams. In the East, it’s Cleveland then Orlando, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Washington, and Philadelphia. Lakers will almost certainly come out of the West and Cleveland will likely bring home LeBron’s first championship ring.

Looking at the ESPN “expert” predictions it strikes me as slightly insane that people are underestimating a team that features LeBron James and Shaq — these aren’t obscure, neglected, underrated guys. Last years Cavs had the best record in the league and they substantially upgraded their personnel during the offseason.



Forgot about New Orleans!