3 ways YOU can help Climate Progress

You have probably been racking your brains for months wondering “what can I give back to Climate Progress in return for all this free up-to-the-minute climate information and snarky climate commentary?”

Well, as part of our endless effort to deliver you a better product, we have partially redesigned the web site to make it more user-friendly and to let you share the content with others. Here’s what you can do for us:


If you click on the new “Share This” button at the bottom of each post, and then click on “E-mail,” you can now send any post to your friends (or to your enemies, if that’s the kind of person you are).


At a loss as to what post to send? Look no farther than the new “Most popular posts” feature on the right. These include some of Climate Progress’s most clicked-on and most commented-on posts — and are a good introduction to the site for newcomers.


The “Share This” button “Social Web” feature allows you to recommend any post to the top social networking sites. If enough people vote for a post, it gets brought to the attention of people using that site. What are the most useful sites?

I hope to shorten the list to digg,, StumbleUpon, and reddit — which is where I would hope you would focus your attention. If you have never tried one of those sites, my guess is you’ll find them useful:

  • Digg is probably the most popular web site for getting recommended web reading, especially in the area of technology and science.
  • StumbleUpon will launch you on a journey of serendipity to find new web sites that match your interests. ClimateProgress already has some StumbleUpon fans — we typically get several hundred links from the site per month.
  • helps you organize your bookmarks and find people who have similar bookmarks and see what others are bookmarking.
  • Reddit provides user-generated news links; votes promote stories to the front page (as with Digg).

Join one now and thank me later!


Write a comment! I want to know what you think — how else will I (and the other visitors to this site) ever get to be as smart as you? Just keep it civil and on topic. The more people who comment, the more new readers are likely to stick around after a first visit.

If you like the improvements to the site, thank problogger and copyblogger, who inspired much of it.

And if you really like the improvements, subscribe to the RSS feed. And if you’ve always wondered what an RSS feed is and what it can do for you, go here! Windows Vista has a very nice feature — a box that keeps scrolling through the headlines of the websites I subscribe to, allowing me to quickly see what I should read each day.