3 White Supremacists On Twitter That Inspire Donald Trump


Donald Trump courted controversy on Saturday when he tweeted an anti-Semitic attack against Hillary Clinton. Mic later revealed that the attack originated from an white supremacist on Twitter.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Trump has repeatedly taken cues from white supremicists on Twitter, tweeting their memes, racist arguments and praise for his candidacy.

Here are three unreptentent white supremicists that have inspried Donald Trump.



This account was the originator of a fake, racist meme that claimed 81% of whites are killed by blacks. (The actual percentage is 14%.) Trump tweeted the graphic.

He later refused to apologize, saying he didn’t have time to vet this kind of information. “Am I gonna check every statistic?” Trump said.

The account has been deleted but its avatar was a neo-Nazi symbol and the owner expressed admiration for Hitler.


Trump retweeted this account when it posted a meme mocking Jeb Bush.

The account “tweets obsessively about white women allegedly raped by various minority groups.”

It also exposouses pro-Hilter sentiments.

The account is deeply racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Trump.


This account was the originator of the anti-Semitic meme attacking Hillary Clinton that Trump tweeted on Saturday.

The account’s tweets are Islamophobic, racist and and sexist.

These examples are not anomalies.

A study by the Twitter analytics firm Little Bird in January found that 62% of the accounts that Donald Trump retweeted had ties to white supremacists.