35 Hours Before Deadline, Agreement To Keep Government Open Breaks Down


Last night, Congressional negotiators reached an agreement that most assumed would keep the government open until September. But with just 35 hours before funding for the federal government runs out, that agreement is in serious Jeopardy.

From the left, Democratic leaders in the House are objecting to unrelated policy provisions, attached by Republicans, that would weaken financial regulations and campaign finance law.

Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), the ranking member on the House Budget Committee announced his opposition on Twitter Wednesday afternoon:


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) effectively voiced her opposition as well, saying the bill included provisions “destructive to middle class families and to the practice of our democracy.”

Similarly, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) railed against the agreement, calling it “a giveaway to the most powerful banks in the country.”

From the right, groups like Heritage Action are opposing the bill because it fails to stop Barack Obama’s action on immigration. Another powerful right-wing group, Club For Growth, also announced their opposition to the bill, saying it doesn’t do enough to reign in spending.

Both Heritage Action and Club For Growth are highly influential with a large chunk of the House Republican Caucus. The likely opposition from Democratic leadership and Republican rank-and-file puts passage of legislation in serious doubt.