7 Of 22 States Suing Government Over Health Reform Applied For Reinsurance Funds From Law

Earlier this month, 19 of the 22 states that are suing the federal government over the constitutionality of health reform applied for the rate review grants under the law, continuing the pattern of implementing the measure while also disputing it in court. Today, HHS released the its first round of reinsurance grants to help states and employers provide coverage to early retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare benefits. Cities, counties, and businesses in all 22 states applied for federal funds and at least 7 of the 22 state governments will receive federal funds from the law they oppose.

In the table below, the asterisk (*) denotes the state governments that applied for reinsurance directly, and the number to the right of each state is a count of the number of entities that applied for the grant in each state:

Nebraska*: 18Florida: 69South Carolina: 9Texas: 94Louisiana*: 16Utah: 14Alabama: 12Colorado: 16Michigan*: 97Pennsylvania: 103Washington: 35Idaho: 20Indiana*: 74South Dakota: 2North Dakota: 5Mississippi: 5Nevada*: 14Georgia: 27Virginia: 45Missouri: 49Arizona*: 20 Alaska*: 4

This kind of contradiction is becoming fairly common and as one Utah advocate involved in state health issues speculated, it seems that even the repeal and replace advocates realize that “this is how they have to do reform and it is important to get started and try out some of these ideas.” “I wonder if they’re not thinking well, the only way to prove reforms are wrong, is to give them a good college try,” this person told me.