77 Percent Of Doctors Say AMA Does Not Represent Their Views

Seventy-seven percent of physicians “say the American Medical Association does not represent their views, according to a new volunteer-based online survey by the physician staffing firm Jackson & Coker. Just 11 percent said AMA’s stance and actions reflects their beliefs.” The doctors also rated AMA as ineffective in lobbying for their priorities, including tort reform (72 percent called AMA ineffective), physician practice autonomy (69 percent), physician reimbursement (68 percent), protections from insurance company abuses (75 percent), and “intrusive government regulations” (78 percent).

The AMA took a big hit after it failed to secure a deal to stave off reimbursement cuts (changing the so-called SGR formula) as part of the Affordable Care Act and that did nothing to stop the slow bleed of doctors turning their backs on the organization. While it theoretically represents all physicians, the AMA’s paying membership comprises somewhere between 15 to 18 percent of doctors. Consequently, member dues accounted for a relatively small percentage of AMA revenue. The rest of its funds come from things like billing codes, CMS payment negotiations, and other non-membership-related operations.