9 Ridiculous Passages From Dick Cheney’s New Book


On Tuesday, Former Vice President Dick Cheney released a new book, Exceptional, which he co-wrote with his daughter Liz. The book is ostensibly about how great America is but spends a lot of time criticizing the current state of the country, particularly the policies of President Obama.

Although he is not one of the 17 candidates running, the book essentially lays out the worldview and agenda of a Cheney presidency. (Many former Bush administration officials who collaborated with Cheney are advising the actual candidates.) It is an America that is almost comically hawkish, macho and self-adulating.

Here are 9 of the book’s most ridiculous parts:

The part where he says that America’s school children need to be taught about the unambiguous morality of dropping a nuclear bomb on a heavily populated city


The part where he says we should resume waterboarding and other forms of torture

The part where he says we need to start conducting military exercises that demonstrate our willingness to declare war on Iran

The part where he advocates a nuclear arms race with China

The part where he says that people who are skeptical about the NSA need to visit the 9/11 memorial at the World Trade Center

The part where he talks about how awesome Guantanamo Bay is

The part where he says Obama’s Iran deal will probably lead to someone dropping a nuclear bomb

There part where he claims things were going great in Iraq until Obama took office

The part where he suggests Obama doesn’t like America very much and kids are being indoctrinated to think like him

Cheney appears to be expressing his support for a right-wing effort to modify the nation’s history curriculum to further emphasize that America is “exceptional.” These efforts have already achieved some success. Could Cheney’s new volume be the next AP History textbook? Only time will tell.