A Bad Sign For Karl Rove

Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation is still active and Karl Rove is still under heavy scrutiny. The AP reports:

A second Time magazine reporter has been asked to testify in the CIA leak case, this time about her discussions with Karl Rove’s attorney, a sign that prosecutors are still exploring charges against the White House aide. Viveca Novak, a reporter in Time’s Washington bureau, is cooperating with Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald”¦

Novak specifically has been asked to testify under oath about conversations she had with Rove attorney Robert Luskin starting in May 2004, the magazine reported.

Rove claims that any inaccuracies in his previous testimony were because “he was very busy man who simply forgot” about his conversation with Time Magazine’s Matt Cooper and other information relevant to the case. Fitzgerald clearly has his doubts about Rove’s excuse and believes Viveca Novak’s testimony can help him establish what really happened.UPDATE: Talk Left has an informative review of Viveca Novak’s reporting.