A Few Tips for Bill Cosby’s Rap Group

Sadly, such a thing does in fact exist. Courtesy (or perhaps cursedly?) PostBourgie’s G.D.:

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Bill Cosby Presents The Cosnarati performs “Safe of Your Heart” from Bill Cosby on Vimeo.A few thoughts. 1) The articulation that makes for good flow means it’s generally a poor idea to have a bunch of folks rapping a chorus together. 2) In that vein, it would be good to make sure your sound system and mics are set up to deliver clear audio. Doesn’t matter how clear and tight you are if no one can hear you. 3) Your production should not manage to be simultaneously boring and distracting, as this combination of drumming and synthesizer beats invariably is. 4) If you’re going to wear a vest, collared shirt and tie, it might be wise to make sure your shirt is actually tucked in. And 5) as a special notice to the gentleman on the left (from the perspective of the viewer), those long beads and feathers on either side of your head make you look like a rabbit with undergrown ears who compensated by raiding a textbook on Native American ornamentation traditions.