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Last week in federal district court, the Attorneys General of Maryland and DC laid out their case that Trump, by maintaining ownership of his businesses, was violating the Constitution. Observers were surprised that the federal judge overseeing the case seemed receptive to their arguments.

Among the evidence cited: The decision by the Embassy of Kuwait to move their annual party to the Trump hotel after the election — a story first reported by ThinkProgress last year.

The next day, ThinkProgress broke the news that Kuwait would return to the Trump hotel. The news was picked up by national media, including David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post.

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We are keeping a sharp eye on the Trump administration but we are also making an impact around the country.

Last month, we published a story exposing constitutional abuses by Virginia’s Fairfax County sheriff’s department. They were holding people far longer than they were legally supposed to without filing charges or a judicial warrant — and sheriffs were specifically targeting immigrants for this. Jails were just accepting a piece of paper from ICE that asked them to hang onto immigrants, even after they should have been released.

A few days ago, Fairfax County announced they were permanently ending the practice and canceling their agreement to cooperate with ICE. 

Earlier this month, we published a story exposing a new program in New York State that severely restricted the ability of inmates have books. Before the week was out, the policy was rescinded.

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