A sixth woman has come forward accusing Roy Moore of sexual assault

The alleged assault happened in 1991.

Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore leaves after he speaks at a church revival, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, in Jackson, Ala. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore leaves after he speaks at a church revival, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, in Jackson, Ala. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Another woman has come forward to accuse Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, sharing her story with Wednesday evening. She is the sixth woman to accuse Moore of inappropriate sexual behavior, and the first whose alleged encounter took place after Moore was married to his current wife.

The woman, Tina Johnson, told that she met Moore at his law office with her mother in 1991 when she was 28 years old.

“He kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked,” Johnson said. “He was saying that my eyes were beautiful.”

Johnson was at Moore’s office to sign over custody of her 12-year-old son to her mother, and she had two other children at the time, according to Wednesday’s report. At one point during the meeting, Johnson said Moore came around his desk and sat on the front of it, close enough to her that she said he could smell his breath.


According to the report, Johnson said Moore asked her about her young daughters, including what color eyes they had and whether they were “as pretty as she was.”

After the meeting, Johnson and her mother stood up to leave the office. Johnson said her mother went first, and then she followed. As she was walking out the door, Johnson says Moore grabbed her from behind.

“He didn’t pinch it, he grabbed it,” Johnson said.

Johnson did not tell her mother about the incident, but she reportedly told her sister years later. confirmed Johnson’s story with her sister, who says she remembers the conversation.

Advertisement also reportedly located the court documents detailing the custody transfer, which they say is signed by Roy S. Moore, attorney.

Johnson told that she has pled guilty to writing bad checks and third-degree theft of property stemming from a family dispute, and that those incidents have kept her from coming forward before now.

“I’m not perfect,” she said in the story published Wednesday. “I have things in my background and I know [the public] will jump on anything, but [what happened with Moore] is still the truth, and the truth will stand when the world won’t.”

Johnson said she is not a political person and doesn’t follow politics. She also said she does not know any of the other women who have accused Moore of sexual assault and abuse, and says Johnson reached out to them to tell her story.

The story also included an anecdote with a woman who, in 1982, was 17 years old and working at a local restaurant. The woman, Kelly Harrison Thorp, told that Moore came into the restaurant, and when she recognized him, he asked her out.


Thorp said, “I just kind of said, ‘Do you know how old I am?’ … And he said, ‘Yeah. I go out with girls your age all the time.'”

Moore has denied all accusations of sexual abuse and misconduct.

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he believes the women alleging Moore sexually abused them, and called for Moore to step aside. Several other Senate Republicans echoed his comments, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and National Republican Senate Committee Chairman Cory Gardner. Gardner released a statement saying that, if Moore refuses to withdraw and win, the Senate should vote to expel him.