A Small Illustration

A small illustration of my it’s the progressive infrastructure, stupid thesis just happened on MSNBC. Chris Matthews was talking about Barack Obama and said offhandedly, not even as a slam, that Obama had “changed his mind” and rejected public financing. Keith Olbermann immediately challenged him pointing out that, in fact, Obama had never made any such commitment. That makes a difference.

Because of the new progressive infrastructure, the myth that Obama had promised to accept public financing and then flip-flopped and rejected it was never able to take hold the way it would have in 2000 or 2004. Someday, maybe MSNBC will decide that “hours of programming dedicated to shows with liberal hosts” should outnumber “hours of programming dedicated to shows with conservative hosts” and CNN and the broadcast networks will decide that “more than zero” is the right number of liberals to put on air. Then things’ll really be different.