A Strange Sneer

I’m happy to concede that American cuisine doesn’t have the world’s greatest reputation, but is it really the case that British people think our food is bad:

Ask people in the UK what they think of American food and all too often their faces settle into the amused expression Mahatma Gandhi is said to have assumed when asked what he thought of Western civilisation. “It would,” he replied, “be a very good idea.” The same, many think, would be true of American food.

For most people in Europe, I suspect, it seems not so much food at all as fuel. The burgers and fries shovelled down while the car is idling at the drive-thru, or gobbled by marooned air travellers waiting for the “delayed” sign to flip so they can finally make their connection to Detroit.

To be fair, the point of this article is that there’s more to US eating than that. But still, this is a BBC piece! By a British historian! Directed at a British audience! I can’t think of a country whose food has a worse reputation.