Looking back on a year of resisting Trump

CREDIT: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

One of the only consistencies we’ve seen during Trump’s presidency has been the united response from millions of Americans against both him and his administration.

The Resistance — as it’s been dubbed — is “the ways that citizens and organizations are responding to the Trump administration and its policies,” according to Dr. Dana R. Fisher, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland who studies civic participation.

“The entire 2016 election sparked civic engagement and participation in American democracy like we haven’t seen in generations,” Fisher said, speaking with ThinkProgress.

The day after the inauguration on January 21, 2017, an estimated 3 million people all over the country participated in the Women’s March. Streets were flooded with protestors wearing pink pussy hats, carrying signs and banners. Since then, the calendar year has been inundated with similarly powerful protests and rallies, including the March for Science on April 22, the Climate March on April 29, and the March for Racial Justice on September 30.

Follow along in the video above as we document this year of resistance.

Fisher’s upcoming book titled “American Resistance” will be available in Summer 2019.