ABC Political Director: ‘Every Elite Politico’ In The Country Knows The Media Has A Liberal Bias

Earlier this week, ABC Political Director Mark Halperin told Bill O’Reilly that members of the “old media” are too liberal and that “we’ve got to fix that” by “prov[ing] to conservatives that we understand their grievances.” Previously, Halperin has called right-wing muckraker Matt Drudge “the Walter Cronkite of his era” and said he “rules our world.”

In today’s Note, Halperin goes further. The Note claims that “President Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Lynne Cheney, Phil Singer, Karl Rove, Elizabeth Edwards, and every other elite Republican and Democratic politico share a set of cherished core American beliefs.”

Among the beliefs Halperin attributes to everyone:

The only way to get a fair message out is through (friendly) New Media, because the Old Media is incompetent, weak, and biased.


You can’t refresh Drudge too often.

It’s one thing to believe in an imaginary liberal bias. It’s another to deceive yourself into thinking that everyone else agrees with you.

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