Abusing My Blog for Personal Gain

There’s a cite called Living Social that offers discounts to various DC-area businesses. Today’s coupon is a 50% off deal at the gastropub Againn — you pay $25 and get to eat $50 worth of food. Even better, after you buy your coupon they give you a custom link and if you get three people to follow the link and buy a coupon of their own, then the original buyer gets his for free. So I already bought one, and then tweeted out my link: free dinner! But I really like Againn, and I have more blog readers than Twitter followers so I bought a second coupon and am now abusing my blog for personal gain by encouraging you, the blog-reading public to click here and buy a coupon.

How good is Againn? Star of blogs and cable news Ezra Klein says “I really like it.” Even the New York Times wrote about how good it is.


Woo! It worked. Thanks guys!