Ad Agency Tells Clients They Will No Longer Place Spots On Limbaugh’s Program

The list of advertisers pulling their spots from Rush Limbaugh’s radio program continues to grow, and today the first advertising agency announced that they would be pulling all of their clients’ ads from the show. PageOne Advertising, LLC based in Youngstown, Ohio announced today that it would no longer place clients’ spots on Limbaugh’s program. “No woman, including Ms. [Sandra] Fluke, should ever be subject to the type of insults and vitriol broadcast during ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show’ last week, and no individual or business should wish to be associated with this type of irresponsible behavior,” wrote PageOne President Robert Roach in a letter to the company’s clients, which are primarily based in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Follow our list of companies who have dropped Rush here or on our Pinterest board.