Adviser To Romney, Brown Mocks Anti-Bullying Project: ‘Promise To Devote All My Time Making Gay Videos’

Yesterday, Eric Fehrnstrom — a senior campaign adviser to Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) and Mitt Romney — admitted that he was behind the “joke” twitter account setup to poke fun at and act as the alter ego of Democratic Senate candidate Alan Khazei, @CrazyKhazei. The account offered off-color commentary about the news of the day for at least a month, but its author was only discovered when Fehrnstrom accidentally tweeted a ‘@CrazyKhazei’ Tweet from his personal handle.

One of the tweets responded to criticism of Brown’s decision not to participate in an ‘It Gets Better’ video with the Massachusetts Congressional delegation in July. Brown was the only member who declined to take part in the shoot, explaining that his “main focus right now is on creating jobs.” @CrazyKhazei, aka Eric Fehrnstrom, had this to tweet about the story:

@CrazyKhazei: I promise to devote all my time in office to making gay videos. Shame on Scott Brown for focusing on jobs!

In an effort to deflect criticism from Brown for not participating in the video, the National Republican Senatorial Committee had attacked the project’s founder, Dan Savage, as “lewd, violent, and anti-Christian.” As Savage pointed out in a response, he is “not the IGB project,” and moreover, “not a single GOP elected official can bring himself or herself to make a video.”