Affordable Care Act Not Going Anywhere

Even if the 111th Congress had achieved nothing else, it would still be noteworthy for having passed into law the most important expansion of the welfare state in over forty years. Similarly, no matter how well the right’s tactics have succeeded in stymying this or that, their uncompromising posture on the Affordable Care Act led them to defeat. Major defeat. But in its zeal to convince itself that the “oppose everything no matter what” strategy has been vindicated, a lot of conservatives have persuaded themselves that repealing the law is a viable option.

Today, however, Dave Weigel observes that Rep Dave Camp actually tried yesterday to scrap the law’s key provision and 187 votes in favor to 230 votes against, a much larger margin of win than ACA had in the first place. And of course over time as the GOP continues to not assemble the 60 Senate votes repeal would require, the provisions will start to come online and the benefits will start to flow, making repeal and ever-more-distant memory.