After Child Shooting, NRA Conference Peddles Guns For Kids

HOUSTON — Just days after a five year old killed his two year old sister with a gun made for children, the National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting pushed firearms into the hands of youth, including on-premises sale of weapons marketed explicitly to kids, an official NRA publication, and a “Youth Day” at the conference.

This is an NRA bib and child’s t-shirt:

A magazine cover targeting “young shooters” was on prominent display in the main convention hall as part of an NRA spread of official publications:

These weapons were available for purchase in the same convention hall, which doubled as a massive gun show:


Women and Guns, another magazine on display, included a lengthy profile of 19 year old McKenzie Gunns, who is helping Taurus Firearms conduct “a full turn around in their marketing” to “reach out to young people:”

The aforementioned Women and Guns also contained these pictures of children with guns in a piece on “Project Appleseed,” a program to teach young kids to use guns around the country: