After Declaring ‘I Want The Gig,’ Steele Claims He Didn’t ‘Seek’ RNC Chairmanship

Earlier this week, RNC Chairman Michael Steele once again set off intraparty squabbling when he told Sean Hannity that he didn’t think Republicans could take back the House in 2010 and that even if they did, he didn’t know if they were ready to govern. In an ABC News Radio interview yesterday, he defended himself by telling his critics to “shut up” and “get a life.”

In a separate, friendly interview on Dennis Miller’s radio show yesterday, Steele claimed that he did not “ask for” or “seek” his RNC position:

MILLER: And I think, I hope this is not where you — listen, I know you’re going to say it’s a great gig. But I, you know you’ve got a lot more in you, man. I hope you’re one of our leaders again soon.

STEELE: No, I, look this, I feel this is part of a calling for me. I mean, I didn’t ask for, I didn’t seek this job, I didn’t ask for it. It wasn’t part of my, you know, charted course in life to wind up as chairman of the RNC. You know, there was a convergence of moments here.


Listen here:

Steele’s assertion that he didn’t “seek” the chairmanship of the RNC is odd considering he had to win an election to obtain the position. In fact, when Steele confirmed his desire to be chairman he told Hannity and Colmes, “I want the gig.” Watch it:

He also issued a press release announcing his “candidacy for the position of Chairman of the Republican National Committee.”