After Filibustering The Seating Of Franken, Cornyn Insists Alaskans ‘Deserve’ Senate Representation

In 2009, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) proclaimed that he would do everything possible to block Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) from taking his seat in the Senate, even though Franken led his Republican opponent Norm Coleman in the vote tally. Declaring that he would fight “World War III” to keep Franken out of the Senate for “years,” Cornyn reasoned that allowing Coleman’s legal challenges to Franken were more important than providing Minnesota with a senator. However, with Republican Joe Miller challenging the ballots in his election with Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Cornyn is singing a different tune.

Roll Call reports that Cornyn is demanding that Alaskans simply deserve full representation, and is hoping the legal challenges regarding the 2010 Alaska senate election do not deprive the state of its senator when Congress convenes in January:

An Alaska state court judge is expected to make a ruling on the Senate race by Friday, but with an appeal to the state Supreme Court likely, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn said he hopes the court process concludes soon. As we’ve reported, the ongoing battle has put Republicans on Capitol Hill in a tough spot. The Texan addressed that concern Wednesday in an interview with Roll Call. “We just have to be patient and wait for the judge to decide,” said Cornyn, a former judge. “I understand that could be as early as [Thursday], and I hope it doesn’t go on much longer because I think the people of Alaska deserve to have a Senator when we reconvene again in January, and not still have that up in the air.”

When it comes to a Republican senator, Cornyn urgently believes that Alaska (population 698,473) deserves full representation in Congress. However, he was more than happy to deprive 5,266,214 Minnesotans a vote in the senate because of partisan reasons. Cornyn prevented Franken from taking his seat using the threat of a filibuster. Cornyn’s National Republican Campaign Committee also provided lawyers for Coleman to keep Franken out of the Senate for six months.