After Greenwashing His Climate Record, Sen. Sununu Reveals His True ‘Drill Here’ Mentality To Glenn Beck

Sen. John Sununu (R-NH) is facing a tough reelection campaign against former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen (D). During their debate on Tuesday night, Sununu tried to greenwash his dismal record on climate change, claiming to be “concerned” about global warming and touting his involvement with the issue in the Senate:

SUNUNU: I cosponsored legislation this past year with Tom Carper, bipartisan legislation, that would set restrictions not just on pollutants like mercury or sulfur or NOx, which causes ozone, but also limits on CO2 emissions. … I voted to move the climate change legislation forward on the Senate floor, because I think this is an important issue. […]

QUESTION: Would you consider it a priority for you, global warming?

SUNUNU: Well a priority enough that I was the lead Republican on the piece of legislation that I cosponsored with Tom Carper.


Watch it:

As the moderator noted, just last year Sununu denied that a link between global warming and human activity even exists, so his new-found concern about the climate might have left viewers skeptical. That skepticism was validated today, when Sununu — appearing on notorious global warming denier Glenn Beck’s radio show — made his true feelings about global warming clear:

GLENN: All right. Talk to me a little bit about oil. Are you a global warming guy?

SENATOR SUNUNU: Drill here, drill now.

GLENN: Okay.

Listen here:

Considering Sununu’s long record of voting for Big Oil’s interests, it’s no wonder he’s latched on to their favorite cheer when asked if he’s “a global warming guy.”