After string of gaffes, Steele ‘has called a halt to his television appearances.’

The past few weeks have been tough for RNC chairman Michael Steele, who is facing conservative disappointment and outrage over comments criticizing Rush Limbaugh and saying that women have the right to choose abortion. (He has backed down from both statements.) According to the Washington Post, Steele is now taking some time off from the national spotlight to focus on “nuts and bolts”:

After two weeks of public drubbing over comments that included criticism of radio host Rush Limbaugh and a reference to abortion as a matter of “individual choice,” Steele is taking steps to address some of the concerns about his early gaffes. He has called a halt to his television appearances and curtailed national media interviews. […]

Anderson said that while Steele “pulled himself back a little bit” from TV appearances after his gaffes, the chairman will remain accessible as a spokesman for the party.

“He’s going to be a communicator — that’s his nature,” Anderson said. “But you have to do it strategically.”