Alabama Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Arming Teachers, Despite Opposition From School Officials

An Alabama lawmaker plans to introduce a bill to arm teachers and principals next week, despite the opposition of school administrators. State Rep. Kerry Rich’s (R) proposal would “allow superintendents to recommend certain principals and teachers to have guns at school” but does not seem to provide for the training necessary to handle the firearms:

“I know that teachers, probably some of them, would feel comfortable with a weapon if we put them in a safe,” said Hugh Taylor, the new DeKalb County Schools superintendent. “But you’re talking about training, and I’m afraid if we put a gun in every teacher’s classroom, that we may run into some issues. […]

Fort Payne City Schools Superintendent Jim Cunningham said teachers went into the profession to “teach,” and, “I daresay they would feel that they were not trained or ready for that situation.”

“I really think if we’re looking to have armed personnel in the school system, then the correct way to do that is through a school resource officer — someone that’s trained in law enforcement. “I fear that arming individuals or administrators or teachers is a responsibility and a liability that school systems do not want to assume at this time. We don’t have the training or the background or the knowledge to be police officers; we’re educators.


Efforts to turn teachers into gun carriers have popped up across the country in the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to suggest that armed teachers would be able to stop a gunman using high-capacity clips and semi automatic weapons.