Alabama State Senator Advises Politicians To ‘Empty The Clip’ To Stop Undocumented Immigrants

This past Saturday, Alabama state Sen. Scott Beason (R) gave a speech at the Cullman County Republican Party breakfast on the topic of immigration and how he believes lawmakers can resolve the issue. One solution Beason provided was suggesting that lawmakers “empty the clip” and stop undocumented immigrants from destroying the U.S. economy. The Cullman Times reports:

“The reality is that if you allow illegal immigration to continue in your area you will destroy yourself eventually,” said Beason. “If you don’t believe illegal immigration will destroy a community go and check out parts of Alabama around Arab and Albertville.” […]

“The illegals are always praised for sending money back home, ‘they are so great’, ‘such family people’,” he [Beason] said. “But why is it right for them to send billions of dollars home, before they even try to buy some health insurance here that you and I pay for — it doesn’t make them sound so wonderful does it? They’re basically saying, no we’re going to keep the money and you’re going to pay for what I need.”

Beason ended his speech by advising Republicans to “empty the clip, and do what has to be done.”


Beason now insists that his comments were taken out of context and that he was using an analogy and not urging violence. The Wonk Room has more on the spate of hate crimes against immigrants.