All 11 Republicans Who Berated Bush Voted Against Iraq Withdrawal, Accountability Bills

The 11 Republicans who pleaded with President Bush about the Iraq war in a private meeting this week all voted against two critical bills yesterday that would have forced Bush to change his war policy.

In private, the members issued a “blunt warning” to Bush “that conditions needed to improve markedly.” In public, all 11 members aligned with Bush and opposed one bill that would have redeployed U.S. forces out of Iraq in nine months, and another that would make continued funding of the war in Iraq dependent on a July progress report from the administration. (Roll calls for those votes are HERE and HERE.)

The list of 11 members:

Fred Upton (MI)Mike Castle (DE)Charles Dent (PA)Jo Ann Davis (VA)Todd Russell Platts (PA)Jim Ramstad (MN)Jo Ann Emerson (MO)Mark Kirk (IL)Jim Gerlach (PA)Jim Walsh (NY)Ray Lahood (IL)

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