All 13 Of Obama’s New And Expanded National Monuments In One Map

On Friday, President Obama designated 350,000 acres of national forest just north of Los Angeles as the newest monument of his administration.

The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument extends across the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests, and will protect a watershed that serves as a source of water for one-third of Los Angeles’ population and a swath of outdoor space that’s crucial to the residents of Los Angeles County.

The designation of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument marks the 13th time that President Obama has used his authority to create or expand a national monument. Obama has created 12 monuments throughout the U.S., and expanded the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument to 490,000 square miles — six times its original size.

President George W. Bush used his monument-making power five times while he was in office, while President Bill Clinton created 19 monuments. According to the White House, however, President Obama has now used his powers under the Antiquities Act to protect more than 260 million acres of land and water, which is more than any other President since 1906.


CREDIT: Adam Peck