All Risk, No Reward: New Coalition Makes Compelling Case Against Keystone XL Pipeline

A group called “All Risk, No Reward” aired ads opposing the Keystone pipeline yesterday during the Sunday news shows and will soon be targeting Democratic donors and youth.

This new ad makes the case that the oil will spill frequently as it is pumped through the U.S. on its way to be exported out of the country. This would not help American energy security and only create 35 permanent jobs:

This second piece features a rancher who’d rather not see other countries benefit from a toxic sludge going through and endangering his land:

All Risk, No Reward consists of a number of national and regional groups: League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, League of Women Voters, Indigenous Environmental Network, Bold Nebraska, Keystone XL Truthforce, STOP Tarsands, Sandhills Beef, Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska Interfaith Power and Light, League of Women Voters Nebraska, and Dakota Rural Action.


This effort arrives on the scene as the government of Alberta has been lobbying the U.S. government and waging a PR campaign of its own to advocate approval of the pipeline. In fact, last year supporters of the pipeline outspent opponents 35 to 1.

One video unlikely to show up on a national TV spot: what the cleanup of a tar sands oil spill looks like in Arkansas.

The scary thing is it looks even worse when burned up into the atmosphere to efficiently help cause climate change.