Allen West On Whether Congress Should Be Looking At Defense Spending Cuts: ‘I Think You Have To’

ThinkProgress has been documenting a growing number of Republican members of Congress and newly incoming freshmen who are calling on Congress to reduce defense spending as part of a comprehensive plan to reduce the debt and deficit. Joining Democratic senators who have long called for defense cuts, this Tea Party-progressive coalition is coming together to take on America’s bloated defense budget — which is larger than the 2008 GDP of 116 countries and in 2009 was more than the combined defense expenditures of the next 17 countries. Today on ABC’s Top Line, Tea Party-backed incoming GOP congressman Allen West — a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel — appeared to saddle up with this coalition:

WEST: We’ve lost focus on the enemy and we’ve gotten too far focused on nation building and that is one of the critical things I want to look at.

RICK KLEIN: So should we be cutting from the defense budget? Should we be looking for cuts in defense?

WEST: I think you have to. I think that nothing can be sacrosanct but I think that it’s so important that you have people that have a defense background and understand the situation on the ground to make sure that the cuts that we’re doing are the right and proper cuts and that we’re supporting our men and women that are out there on the front line.


Watch it: