Allen West Responds To Florida Voting Purge By Calling On Eric Holder To Resign

Yesterday, the Justice Department sent a letter demanding that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) immediately stop purging his state’s voter rolls. Scott’s purge, which has accused multiple World War II veterans of not being American citizens and thus ineligible to vote, could strip thousands of Florida citizens of their voting rights. Today, Rep. Allen West (R-FL), a veteran himself, weighed in on the issue. Instead of defending WWII veterans being targeted for disenfranchisement by Scott, West called for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign:

Attorney General Eric Holder is not about the blind execution of justice in America, he is nothing more than a partisan political hack that does not understand Federalism nor the Tenth Amendment. This is another example of the desperation emanating from the Obama administration since their economic, energy, and national security policies have failed. It is evident that the Obama administration, and indeed the President, does not believe in integrity in our electoral process.


They do however believe in the interfering into the States’ ability, South Carolina and now Florida, to guarantee fair elections for America, by Americans. Eric Holder is a national embarrassment who should resign, if not, then he is a liability for President Obama, and I for one will ensure the American people recognize that fact.