Amanda Seyfried To Play Linda Lovelace?

Amanda Seyfried has apparently officially taken the role of Linda Lovelace in a biopic of the Deep Throat star that’s been in development for a long time and been through multiple recastings. I’ll be curious to hear what folks who work in or closer to the industry think of the casting and the project, but I’ve always found Lovelace fascinating — she was, as Daphne Merkin pointed out in her obituary, at the crux of every major debate about pornography since she helped the genre go mainstream, or close enough to it, in Deep Throat, and through her conversion and years as an anti-port crusader, and her withdrawal from a feminist movement she felt used her and into an accommodation with her past — in other words, sort of where society as a whole is today. Given the breathless and panicky debates we have about pornography, it’s worth a serious and considered look at that history in its context. The People vs. Larry Flynt is a great movie, but it’s largely from a free-speech perspective, which isn’t the only one worth considering here.

I also really like Seyfried, who’s very good at playing ingenues with more going on beneath the surface than she lets on, whether in Mean Girls or Big Love. I don’t think In Time gave her very much to do, but it proves she can put on a bit more of an edge. I hope the script is enough to do the issue and the actress justice, and to make clear the distinction between the idea that doing porn is inherently oppressive and the idea that forcing people into porn and taking their compensation from them is oppressive.