American Family Association: Government is more dangerous than al Qaeda, Tim McVeigh’s terrorism.

The American Family Association, a powerful Christian hate group known for its homophobia and grassroots lobbying campaigns, used the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing on Monday to declare that “government” is “a larger, more insidious threat to America” than terrorists like Timothy McVeigh or al Qaeda:

If a radical homegrown terrorist group attacked the United States, following after the example of Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, it would be horrible, outrageous. If Al Qaeda managed to attack us again, killing thousands of people, the nation would be devastated, saddened and enraged. However neither of these terrible events would affect the existence of America. Big government, on the other hand, is set on destroying the individual on which America is built. […] Radical anti-government groups are not taxing Americans into oblivion, running $1 trillion deficits as far as the eye can see, or forcing others to acquiesce to their whims on healthcare; however, big government is guilty of all of the above.


Last month, AFA bloggers wrote that federal employees “can be shot” for passing health reform, which they termed a “MussoliniCare bill.” While the views of the AFA are certainly fringe, the influence AFA enjoys within the Republican Party is widespread. During the health reform debate, Republican lawmakers joined with AFA representatives for a “Prayercast” to kill the bill. Top Republican legislators, from both the House and Senate, often appear on AFA affiliated radio to attack President Obama and concoct conspiracies about his agenda.