Americans For Prosperity Protests Flight Delays After Urging For Sequester Cuts

Americans For Prosperity, a conservative group funded by the Koch brothers, is echoing the GOP narrative that sequestration cuts are largely President Obama’s fault. Back in March, AFP struck a different tone on sequestration, claiming it would help the economy.

“By no means is the sequester perfect, but we must begin acting now to rein in this wasteful prosperity killer,” AFP President Tim Phillips wrote in USA Today. “Making these modest reductions to government overspending is an important first step.”

Now that the Federal Aviation Administration has been forced to cut hours for all 47,000 employees to meet $600 million in required cuts, Congress is scrambling for a fix. The furloughs include 15,000 air traffic controllers, which has caused flight delays around the country and inconvenienced some of the lawmakers who originally downplayed the effects of spending cuts.

Strangely, AFP gives Obama responsibility for the consequences in organized protests, despite directly advocating for the sequester:

In the weeks leading up to the sequester, AFP repeatedly urged Republicans to let it take effect, contradicting much of the economic field’s warnings against it.


The spending cuts have impacted preschool education, disaster relief, housing assistance, and more. But Republicans and AFP have only chosen to latch onto flight delays and White House tours to rewrite the story as more Americans feel the local impact of federal cuts.