An Update on Climate Science Since IPCC

The NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) has released an important document outlining scientific updates to the IPCC since its 2007 reports stopped collecting data at the end of 2005. To grasp the urgency of action, we also need to understand how the physical consequences of global warming have progressed since 2005 and how recent reports (on, say, carbon feedbacks) inform our analysis.

The 10-pager can be found here.

Sections of the update cover how the real world is outpacing climate models, particularly in terms of how fast glaciers are melting and sea ice thinning. For a super condensed version, see Daniel Lashof’s blog post why we’re Skating on Thin Ice in the Arctic.

There are also primer paragraphs on species impacts, smog, trees, biofuels and weather extremes, like wildfires. See a recent report, Forecast: Storm Warnings, from the Center for American Progress covering the latest science on intensifying hurricanes and how communities should be preparing for them.