And one final thing, Robert Samuelson

Columnist Samuelson’s attack on the Stern Report does more than merely ignore energy efficiency and avoid any serious discussion of climate impacts. Here is how it ends:

We need more candor. Unless we develop cost-effective technologies that break the link between carbon dioxide emissions and energy use, we can’t do much. Anyone serious about global warming must focus on technological progress — and not just assume it. Otherwise, our practical choices are all bad: costly mandates and controls that harm the economy, or costly mandates and controls that barely affect greenhouse gases. Or, possibly, both.

Does that that position sound familiar?

“It’s important not to get distracted by chasing short-term reductions in greenhouse emissions. The real payoff is in long-term technological breakthroughs.”


That is John H. Marburger III, the president’s science adviser. When you start sounding like the Administration on global warming, it is a pretty good indication that you’re just plain wrong. Pardon my candor.