Angle: It’s Not Scientology, It’s “Natural Homeopathic Medicine” Developed By L Ron Hubbard

I think I haven’t yet done a post about how nutty Sharron Angle is, but to me this takes the cake:

The same Post story claimed that as a legislator, Angle had supported “a prison rehabilitation program promoted by the Church of Scientology and involving massage and saunas.”

Seeking to “clear the record,” Angle told us “I am not even sure that the Church of Scientology fits into it at all. You have to make some quantum leaps here.”

She noted “the program itself is a multifaceted program, and it had two protocols: one in the area of withdrawals, and it was a natural withdrawal system. As s you know, that can have some severe physical side effects and the cramping that was involved there required that other people be taught how to relieve the cramping. So that is where it said that people were being massaged.”


“The second protocol was what they called the ‘disintoxification,’ which was actually sweating the drug out of one’s system so that there were no longer any cravings for the drug. This is a very intense potassium, calcium, vitamin, mineral regimen, with a hot rock sauna that sweats the toxins out. Those two protocols were developed by [the late Church of Scientology founder] L. Ron Hubbard, and they had to give him credit. But it is not Scientology, but rather natural homeopathic medicine.”

To review, Scientology is a religion based around the idea of replacing traditional psychiatry with “dianetics” that L Ron Hubbard made up. The thing Angle is talking about is a psychiatry alternative that was also made up by Hubbard and supported by his organizations. But somehow it’s not Scientology? How? Why?