Angle opposes civil rights protections for gays, wants clergy to endorse candidates from the pulpit.

In a June interview with a local Nevada NBC news affiliate, GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle reaffirmed her belief that the separation of church and state is unconstitutional. The drafters of the Constitution “didn’t mean that we couldn’t bring our values to the political forum,” she said. The AP reports that — according to a questionnaire for a conservative PAC that endorsed her candidacy — Angle has expounded on that view and revealed more of her far-right positions on social issues:

Republican Sharron Angle believes the clergy should be allowed to endorse candidates from the pulpit and opposes laws allowing gays to adopt children. […]

Among her positions, outlined in answers to 36 yes-or-no questions, Angle would oppose making sexual orientation a protected minority in civil rights laws. In a section on school prayer, she affirms that students and teachers should be able to talk openly about religion in schools, including the right to “publicly acknowledge the Creator.”

The federal government bans churches from participating in political campaigns on behalf of candidates, but Angle said clergy should be able to express views on candidates from the pulpit.


Also in the questionnaire, Angle reaffirmed her view that abortion should be illegal “in all cases” and considers a fetus a person under the Constitution. The GOP candidate had previously said that getting an abortion in cases for rape or incest would interfere with God’s “plan” and that women in those situations should instead make “a lemon situation into lemonade.”


Greg Sargent reports that on the same questionnaire, Angle said she would refuse money from a company that supports gay rights.