Ann Coulter: Part-Time Elitist, Full-Time Hypocrite

Ann Coulter isn’t impressed at all by people who go to Ivy League schools:

Like John Roberts, Souter attended church regularly. Souter was also touted for his great intellect. He went to Harvard! And Harvard Law! (Since when does that impress right-wingers? So did Larry Tribe. It is one of the eternal mysteries of the world that liberals are good test-takers.) [7/27/05]

Except when Ann Coulter is only impressed by people who go to Ivy League schools:

[On Harriet Miers, who attended a Methodist university in Texas:] If you’re going to pick somebody who’s your personal lawyer, that person better be especially qualified. … I mean, the historical fact is generally, the most strong conservatives are the ones who did go to the most liberal elite schools. [Fox News, 10/4/05]