Ann Romney To Visit Cancer Center That Benefited From Stimulus Funds

Ann Romney, a breast cancer survivor, will visit the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday — which has received millions from the stimulus (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). Her husband and his running mate Paul Ryan both opposed the measure, which President Obama signed into law in February of 2009.

Ann will tour the location and “meet with patients and members of their families.”

The Moffit H. Lee Cancer & Research Institute is Florida’s only Comprehensive Cancer Center that conducts “extensive research on cancer as well as providing advanced forms of treatment.” It benefits from “significant federal research funding,” including $23,920,428 from the stimulus:

Romney and Ryan have criticized the president’s stimulus and its results. Romney has said the president’s vision has failed and released a statement saying “the only thing President Obama’s stimulus has produced is a series of broken promises” on the three-year anniversary of the stimulus. These comments haven’t stopped the candidates from campaigning at sites that have benefited from the funding, however.


Romney appeared at Watson Truck & Supply in Hobbs, New Mexico, which benefitted from $400,744 in stimulus funds, fundraised at the home of a recipient of stimulus funds, and bashed the stimulus at a small Ohio college that took $80,000 in Recovery Act money.