Another Band Member Condemns NOM As His Bandmates Play On

Earlier this week, Jamie McGonnigal learned that DC-based band Scythian was actually temporarily splitting up so three of its members (calling themselves “Ultramontane”) could perform at the National Organization for Marriage’s march next week while the other two sat out. One of those two, drummer Andrew Toy, posted on Facebook that he “will always be an LGBT ally and supporter of marriage equality.” Now, the other member of the band, fiddler and Scythian co-founder Josef Crosby, has published a longer statement reacting to his bandmates’ participation in NOM’s rally:

The last few days have been really tough for me with the Ultramontane/Scythian/NOM controversy. I was completely unaware of this upcoming event and NOM in general. But I’ve since spent many hours researching this group and I’m saddened that now Scythian will be associated with an ideology I so strongly oppose.

I’d like to sincerely apologize to all of my friends and all Scythianfans that have been hurt by recent circumstances. I know my bandmates’ intention is not to harm, and their actions come from a place of faith, but I understand the response and concerns this has generated.

I’ve always made it a point to leave politics at the door when it came to Scythian, but I feel I have to go on record as saying that I am completely in support of full equality for all couples, no matter their orientation. I can only hope the Supreme Court agrees.


The other band NOM booked for its rally, The Lee Boys, backed out entirely when they learned what NOM stands for and how it advocates against equality.