Anthony Weiner’s Constituents Don’t Want Him To Resign

Seems relevant: “In the poll, 56% of registered voters in Weiner’s NY-9 district think he should remain in office, while only a third (33%) think he should resign.”

As I’ve been saying, there’s no real secret to surviving a sex scandal other than to not freak out and not resign. Weiner, unfortunately for him, has been less than perfectly on the don’t freak out side. But he seems to have himself under control now and he’s grasped the essence of the “don’t quit” message. If someone wants to run against Weiner and persuade his constituents that he’d be a better congressman, then let him throw his hat in the ring and explain why he’d be better. Unfortunately, since it’s now clear that Weiner has few friends in the party, the odds look good that he’ll just be redistricted out of office and we’ll never get a clear sense of whether or not “you may agree with Weiner on the issues, but he has a weirdo sex life so you should vote for the conservative Republican instead” is a winning message.