Anti-Abortion Activists Promise To Protest Any Business That Provides Parking Spaces For Planned Parenthood Clinic

Last month, anti-abortion activists in California kept Planned Parenthood from receiving a license to operate a new clinic in Redwood City by bullying Enterprise-Rent-A-Car into reneging on its contract to provide the center with the parking spots it needs to satisfy local zoning regulations. Now, as Planned Parenthood tries to find alternative off-site parking arrangements, abortion foes are promising “that any business that helps the women’s health services provider come up with the city-required spaces will find protesters with graphic pictures of fetuses on its premises”:

Belmont resident Ross Foti, who has already rallied outside the currently empty office building with other anti-abortion activists, said Tuesday that a woman he knows already approached Enterprise Rent-A-Car and other nearby businesses to express concern about Planned Parenthood moving into the neighborhood.

“No other business will even think about it, they know we’ll protest,” Foti said. “I know I will be there.”

An Enterprise spokeswoman is denying that the abortion activists influenced the company’s decision, however, saying that it backed out of the contract because Planned Parenthood wanted a longer-term agreement than it could provide.


If approved, the clinic would offer “preventative health care services, family planning, reproductive health, prenatal, and primary care services” and could dispense “chemical abortions” but “was not approved for surgical abortions.”