Anti-Gay Group Condemns Homosexual Promiscuity As National Health Crisis Comparable To Smoking

The Concerned Women for America-affiliated Center for Marriage Policy has released a new “report” alleging that marriage equality is responsible for “the most serious avoidable health problems of our time.” Equating homosexuality with promiscuity, the report blames bisexuals for being a “broad gateway” to infecting unsuspecting heterosexual Americans with HIV and other diseases. It then compares that supposed health crisis to smoking:

Homosexuality has been “legitimized” in our schools. It is considered an act of hate to question or oppose sexual perversion. Why do we teach homosexuality in our schools while strongly encouraging our children not to use drugs or smoke? Fatality data indicates that promiscuity and homosexuality are at least as dangerous to health and life as smoking or drugs.[…]

Smoking is banned everywhere in America because of the risks imposed to others. We are tough on drinking and driving for the same reasons. We can no longer give homosexuality a free pass because the grave healthcare burden it imposes on the rest of us. The taxpayers cannot “leave the room” to avoid being harmed.

The rest of the “report” seems to be a hodgepodge collection of anti-gay talking points, including a condemnation of “multicultural marriage” for bringing about the destruction of society:

We must rescind irresponsible homosexual public policy from the lawbooks across-the-board and discourage homosexual behavior. We must not allow pansexuals to take over the conservative movement like they did the American Psychiatric Association. Their invasion is as dangerous to our socioeconomic fabric as the Occupy movement is to free enterprise.

America is burning down because of the demise of heterosexual marriage. Marriage-absence is the greatest socioeconomic problem we face. Our focus must be on restoring heterosexual marriage as the social norm.

The Center also offers an accompanying flier that includes a list of companies that support “the homosexual agenda.”


These flagrant, unsubstantiated attacks against the gay community are incredibly harmful, representing some of the bizarre conspiracy theories extremists are capable of concocting when motivated solely by animus.