Anti-Gay Leader Claims Bullied And Murdered Gay Teen Caused His Own Death

Randy Thomasson of Save California regularly decries any advance of LGBT rights as harmful to children, twisting anything related to protecting LGBT students as “sexual indoctrination,” whether it’s talking about Harvey Milk (which will lead to forced cross-dressing), trying to prevent bullying, or making curricula LGBT-inclusive. In fact, he thinks that California’s FAIR Education Act is “completely unnecessary to deal with school bullies” and is just “sexual brainwashing.” But today, Thomasson took a stand on bullying — on behalf of the bully.

Speaking with Christian radio host Janet Mefferd, he decided to discuss the tragic death of Lawrence King, an openly gay student who was shot in the head twice by classmate Brandon McInerney. McInerney’s trial recently ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury over whether he should be found guilty for murder or manslaughter. But Thomasson thinks McInerney was a victim of “reverse harassment” because of how King taunted him, suggesting that King’s openness about his sexuality was what provoked his own death:

THOMASSON: This was a very disturbed boy who was being harassed, who was sitting on the bench, so when he was being harassed by King he went home and he got his dad’s gun and he came back the next day and he killed Larry King. But the whole point is, why in the world would you let two wrongs to be done? Murder is wrong, but allowing reverse harassment to be done and allowing teachers to actually dress up boys as girls, this is causing tension, it’s causing sexual tension, it’s causing emotional tension and this is not anything that goes along with the purpose of academics.



Given Thomasson opposes any effort to affirm LGBT young people, his words today illuminate his perceptions of bullying. In his universe, the gay kid who got shot twice in the head doesn’t deserve legal protection, but the straight kid who had to share the same space with a gay classmate is the real victim of bullying.