Anti-Gay Strategist Feigns Ignorance About Campaigns’ Harms

Yesterday, the New York Times profiled Frank Schubert, mastermind strategist behind most of the anti-marriage equality campaigns over the past five years, including California’s Proposition 8 in 2008 and Maine’s Question 1 in 2009. He is now coordinating all four of the National Organization for Marriage’s anti-equality campaigns — Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington — for which he is making a small fortune. His PR wheels were clearly spinning as he was interviews, as all of his quotes seek to downplay the harm of his messaging:

For his part, Mr. Schubert, who has a lesbian sister raising two children in a domestic partnership, says, “It’s hurtful to know that many people think I dislike gays and lesbians and wish them harm.” […]

Mr. Schubert said that while he tailors messages to each state, certain themes have proved effective: that marriage between a man and a woman is the tested foundation of a stable society, that children do best when raised by a married father and mother, and that “it is possible to respect the rights of gays and lesbians without redefining marriage.”

This is a difficult argument,” he said, “because it sounds as if we’re saying gay couples can’t have loving relationships or care for children, which is not the case.


Inherent in this argument is Schubert’s true agenda against the lives of gays and lesbians. He acknowledges that they can (and are) raising children, but he’s still working to prevent those families from having the same legal security as others. Indeed, the ads he designs — like the infamous Prop 8 “Princess” ad — specifically demonize same-sex couples as being inferior and attempt to scare voters that there is inherent harm in children even learning such family diversity even exists. Schubert does not like gays, he does not respect their rights, and he clearly is not acting in their best interests.