Anti-Immigration Zealot Tom Tancredo Takes to the Airwaves to Bash Sotomayor

It seems to me that if conservatives want to avoid a Hispanic backlash against their attacks on Sonia Sotomayor they might want to come up with a better spokesman than anti-immigrant zealot Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO):

Indeed, Tancredo might want to ask himself why he was invited on The Ed Show in the first place? Was it because Ed has the best interests of the conservative movement at heart, and was looking to promote the most credible possible conservative voice? Or was it that Tancredo was invited specifically because he’s such a bad spokesman?

Ali Frick takes us back:


Remember, Tancredo is the lawmaker who called Miami a “third world country” because of the number of Latinos there, criticized presidential candidates for “pandering” by participating in a Spanish-language debate, and accused immigrants of “pushing drugs, raping kids, and destroying lives.” He said the issue of immigration is “whether we will survive.

Of course Puerto Ricans aren’t immigrants, but they have many of the same Spanish-speaking, nation-destroying qualities as immigrants from Latin America.